What is KUB?

KUB is a competence development project for public libraries in four Swedish counties: Dalarna, Gävleborg, Uppsala and Värmland. There are approximately 750 members of staff in 50 municipalities taking part in the KUB project, which started 1 January 2012 and will run until 30 June 2014. The project is part-financed by the European Social Fund.

KUB project – a model for work-related learning

Why KUB?

The main aim of the project is to secure the competence of the participants so that they are equipped to meet the demands of the future. The libraries taking part will develop sustainable models for ongoing learning in their daily work, efficiently observing what is happening around the world and providing time for reflection – i.e. working with learning in the workplace in a new and more conscious way.

How does KUB work?

The project began with an extensive competence survey that included all of the participating municipalities. Each municipality spent a whole day reflecting over the present and future situation of the library. What are the new challenges that libraries are facing? How can we handle them, and what competencies do we have to acquire or strengthen to accomplish this?

Based on the survey, plans for further training were made within four areas: customer service,IT & technique, learning and marketing. The training is partly made up by formal learning,open to everyone in the project, and partly by informal learning at and between the different libraries in the project area. The libraries organise their own learning in processes – separatelyor together with one or several other libraries. Values of quality and accessibility are topermeate all our work in the project.

The project also has a transnational dimension, with four scheduled trips in 2013; to Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK. Each trip has its own theme and in total,approximately 75 of the participants will be offered to go on one of them.

What is unique about KUB?

Research show that using only formal training in competence development makes little or no difference. Therefore, unlike many other competence development projects, KUB does not rely on formal learning. Instead, focus is placed on what happens before and after the formal training. How is formal learning being integrated with the work at the libraries? How can we learn to reflect over our own learning?

How is KUB organised?

Formally, the project belongs to Region Värmland and the overall strategic responsibility of the project is placed with a steering group, consisting of county librarians and library directors. The operative work is organised by the KUB project team: the project leader, project administrator and consultants at the county libraries. The main work is, of course, carried out by all the project participants working at the public libraries in the KUB area!

If you are looking for more information in other languages besides Swedish, please send an e-mail to Anna-Christina.rutquist@regionvarmland.se and we will do our best to answer your questions!


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